J Allen

J Allen

American "Chill" Rock / LOVE ROCK

J Allen has the kind of musical style that catches your attention, and the kind of lyrics that keep it.

For this US-based singer-songwriter, music has always been his primary passion. If you take all of your life experiences passion and emotion, mix it with a slight Southern California "Chill" style, it might paint a picture of J Allen’s sound.

Starting at age 14, he picked up acoustic and bass guitar in addition to spending a few hours hours a day in orchestra and jazz band throughout his middle and high school years. He played local scenes as a guitarist and vocalist in several cover bands before breaking away to begin his solo career in 2020.

Determined to combine his passion for music with his passion for helping others, J Allen decided to dedicate all proceeds toward families with children with severe illness in addition to providing funding and supplies to schools in developing nations. So whether its ticket sales, music downloads, or merch sales, it all goes to a helping children in need.

His recent projects required narrowing down the over 12 songs that had been written to just six. Written in Asia and recorded in the US, his latest music is self produced and touches events and (both past and present) that influenced his song writing.

Embracing this time of returning to live shows, the indie pop rock artist is ready to continue connecting with audiences in person, and his upcoming single "Still" lit up the crowd as he headlined the Idol Fest Music Festival in late October 2022 in Asia, where his unique vocal and musical style has proven popular with a broad spectrum of fans hungry for something different. 

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